Traderama +

Use of traderama trading signals together with a managed account

Traderama Plus

  • You would like to use Traderama’s trading signals but you have no time to trade them yourself? At multiple customer requests, we have developed a solution for this: TRADERAMA +
  • If you want to use Traderama’s trading packages along with a managed account, you can sign up for TRADERAMA +.
  • This gives you the freedom to use the trading signals of our algorithmic trading methods without having to trade the signals yourself. If you do not already have a managed account, you can, for example, open such a managed account through Ceros Asset Management AG or another asset manager of your choice. Ceros is a professional investment and brokerage firm that operates internationally and offers competitive fees in transaction and administrative costs.




Traderama + SELECT

Traderama + SELECT consists of the three trading packages

  • Select US 100
  • Select US Tech 100
  • SELECT 30

The trading signals generated by the SELECT Algo in these three trading packages are sent directly to the asset manager, who then implements these signals in your broker account. This is called a managed account. The asset manager will take over the work from you on your behalf. Since it is your own account, you can always see which trades have been made.


For example, you can start a managed account at Ceros from 100,00 euros of seed capital.
If you are interested in Traderama +, we look forward to getting in touch with you.

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