Algo Tools

Algo tools serve as an orientation for your trading.

With our Investment Monitor and the AlgoSentimentor, two powerful algo tools are available for you own trading and investment. The sentimentor gives hints to the market sentiment while the investment monitor supports the entire lifecycle of a stock investment

Dr. Michael Geke

Founder, Dr. Geke & Analysts |

The AlgoSentimentor

The Investment Monitor

  • The AlgoSentimentor is a sentiment indicator for numerous stock indices
  • Per share index – e.g. Dax (R) (called Germany 30 at Traderama) , an index sentiment – the AlgoSentiment – is calculated based on the so-called STATES of each individual share in the index.
  • The STATE is calculated by the IM Algo. This algo is the basis for the AlgoSentimentor as well as for the Investment Monitor.
  • The IM Algo groups shares into four states:
    • Value:-10 = falling
    • Value:-5 = falling / stabilizing
    • Value: + 5 = rising / correcting
    • Value: + 10 = fising
  • The AlgoSentiment is calculated based on the states of each share in the corresponding index.
  • It is valuable to look at this sentiment especially in the extreme areas of smaller-5 and greater than 5 and above all to identify divergences between the index and the sentiment.
  • The investment Monitor is a comprehensive investment lifecycle management system
  • It allows to accompany all phases of a stock investment:
    • Phase 1: Identification/Watchlisting
    • Phase 2: Buying
    • Phase 3: Managing the position 
    • Phase 4: Exit from the position
  • The basis of the investment monitor is the IM Algo, which calculates the different states of a share. 
  • This makes it easy to group stocks and identify them for a watchlist.
  • The investment monitor is a great way to analyze existing stock portfolios and to support the timing of actions (buying/adjustment/selling)
  • Blue chip stocks are mainly anayzed. Currently, approx. 570 blue chips are available in the investment monitor