Algo Trading Signals

We offer a modular kit of algos that can be combined with several stock packages for your trading.

With the algorithmic trading signals of Traderama, you can achieve a continuous and systematic trading. Our signals are easy to implement and can be traded in many brokerage accounts.

We develop algos that fit your trading style. No matter if you want to trade stocks occasionally or frequently, we offer you the right algo.

Dr. Michael Geke

Founder, Dr. Geke &; Analysts |

How do the trading algos work?

  • Our stock trading systems are pure long-only systems
  • We only trade stocks on a daily basis
  • You can choose different combinations of trading strategy and stock package.
  • The algos are looking for a buy signal when a stock has taken a downward movement.
  • The algos are therefore pure reaction systems or reversal systems.
  • The calculation of time and price for the purchase and sale of the stocks is based on intelligent computer algorithms. As input for the algorithms, we use a lot of price data of the stock itself
  • We always act the upward movement following a downward movement
  • Normally, we are invested for an average of 3-4 days per trade.

You have questions about Algos and trading packages or can't decide?

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Step 1: Choose the algo that suits you!

  • Traderama makes it possible for the user to choose the algo that fits his investment style:
    • Select Algo: for occasional traders who want to make a trade once in a while
    • Ultra Algo: for hobby traders who want to do more trades, but also do not sit in front of the screen every day
    • Max Algo: for full-time traders who have the opportunity to actively trade stocks and derivatives every day
  • Traderama Select, Ultra and Max differ in terms of
    • quality of the signals (e.g. hit rate or profit/trade) and
    • frequency of signals (e.g. number of signals or number of trades per month)
  • Those who value a higher signal quality and do not want to act as frequently, choose the SELECT Algo. If, on the other hand, you want to trade more often, you can choose more of the MAX Algo.

Step 2: Select the stock packages you would like to trade

  • We provide various stock packages for combination with Max, Select and Ultra.
  • So you can put together your suitable trade package in a modular way
  • We currently offer the following stock packages
    • Germany 30: all 30 shares from the DAX(TM)
    • US 30: all shares from the Dow Jones Industrial Average (TM)
    • US 100: all shares from S&P 100 (TM)
    • US Tech 100: all shares from Nasdaq 100 (TM)
  • The more shares in the stock package, the more trading signals you get.
  • There are 12 different trading packages available from the combination with the three algos and the four stock packages
  • Each of them can be booked separately.

Current availability of trading packages per algo

Max Trading Packages

Max Germany 30

Max US 30

Max US 100

Max US Tech 100

Select Trading Packages

Select Germany 30

Select US 30

Select US 100

Select US Tech 100

Ultra Trading Packages

Ultra Germany 30

Ultra US 30

Ultra US 100

Ultra US tech 100

Become an Algo trader in 5 minutes – without programming

1. Select and order a trade package

Choose which strategy and which stock package you want to have. We offer you numerous trading packages which you can order individually or in combination.

2. Receiving trading signals

Whenever there is a trading signal for a stock to buy or sell, we will send you the detailed orders by email before opening the stock exchange. All the details of the trade signals can be found in the email

3. Trade with your broker

The signals can be traded at almost all brokers. Just take the signal and place an order. Easily via mobile phone or online via your brokerage software

Performance of trading packages

Conversion of trading signals with stock, CFD or leverage product

With shares

  • The price data of the trading signals can be transferred directly one to one.
  • No lever in the trade
  • Increased transaction fees, depending on the broker (especially US shares).
  • If you are a predominantly American company, you should have a suitable broker that offers attractive conditions for the US market.

With CFDs

  • Easy setting of an order for many CFD brokers via Chartingsysteme
  • Often cheaper transaction costs than buying the pure stock
  • Leverage Products
  • The course position at the CFD broker may differ from the actual traded prices on the stock exchange.
  • Not for all stocks there are always stock CFDs
  • Derivatives Risk/issuer Risk

With leverage products

  • Many leverage products (factor certificates, knock-outs, warrants, Etc) available for shares from numerous issuers
  • Often cheaper transaction costs than buying the pure stock
  • The purchase and sales prices calculated by the algorithm must be converted to the leverage Product.
  • Derivatives Risk/issuer Risk
  • For this, There are in some cases “online calculators” on the websites of the Issuers