Step 1

Order Portfolio

Access to the Quant Portfolios can be ordered online. Book online directly here

To the Quant Shop
Step 2

Logging into the Quant portal

After you have booked a Quant Portfolio, you can log in to the Quant portal. You are now a Traderama member! To trade the signals in your own depot, simply click on the booked Quant Portfolio

Login to the Quant portal
Step 3

Trading signals

Traderama Quants calculate the order type and the exact buy or sell price for the respective trading day. All information for your own stock trading is available in detail. Simply place the signals as orders with your broker before the stock market starts - done.

The signals are always calculated after the close of the market for the next trading day. This means that the information is available hours before the start of trading. All orders can be entered at your broker before the start of trading. The order type "LIMIT BUY" or "LIMIT SELL" is mainly used for trading.

The systems is intuitive to use and you only need 5 minutes to place the signals.

Green highlighted: Current buy signals for a new position
Red marked: Current running positions with corresponding sales prices


Use of leverage products

The signals can be traded with the individual share or with the leverage products. Traderame provides an integrated leverage product finder that presents users with a leverage product overview of three issuers in addition to the current signals. You can select your notes directly via the filter criteria.