"We are leaders in the development of state-of-the-art intelligent algorithms for trading stocks, indices and other financial products. Numerous professional and private clients rely on Traderama to actively manage Portfolios

- Dr. Michael Geke, CEO & Founder

Michael Geke

Our mission

Who has the time and system to analyze and evaluate the stock market worldwide every day and to calculate the buy and sell points for stocks? Sometimes there are many opportunities and sometimes you should keep your hands off the stock market. Who still has the overview and a suitable system? Almost no normal investor, who is perhaps also still working or professional investors.

Traderama is a Quant as a Service (QAAS) provider. We do all the valuation and analysis work with our Quants and provide the trading signals to our clients on a daily basis. From the purchase to the sale of a position, clients are accompanied and can trade this themselves in their own custody account or have it traded by asset managers in a managed account.

We have developed intelligent trading systems and analyse over 300 major companies worldwide on a daily basis using over 20 different computerised Quants - predominantly blue-chip companies. Short-term traders or even long-term investors use our systems to systematically identify opportunities in the stock market. Whether beginner or professional, it only takes 5-10 min. per day to use Traderama - without programming yourself. Those who do not have the time or desire to implement the systems themselves can also have this done via a managed account. Convince yourself! 


Dr. Michael Geke
CEO Traderama.com

The founder of the fintech platform Traderama is Dr. Michael Geke, CEO Traderama GmbH. Michael has a background in natural sciences and business administration and intensively studied mathematical simulation models during his doctorate. He himself looks back on a career in the software and management consulting world, where he worked for almost 20 years. Our team consists of specialists for the development of algorithms and computer models in equity trading.

Our philosophy is to take processes and tasks in the financial world to a new level with the help of algorithms, intelligent mathematical models and data analysis.

Since 2015, we have been working on forecasting models in the Business Intelligence / Big Data area. Based on these models, forecasting models and trading systems for the financial market and financial market analysis were developed. The models were transferred into software solutions in 2016. We have validated our models through numerous analyses and tests and are proud to offer them to you on traderama.

The core of our work is the further development of our existing models as well as the development of completely new systems for the sustainably profitable trading of securities.

We have developed Traderama as an online platform for private and professional investors and traders. We want every investor to be able to successfully manage their investments with the tools of the market professionals.

Furthermore, we work for numerous family offices and provide special trading software for equity portfolios.

We have told you something about us on our website. If you are interested in joining us - as an employee or intern - we would be happy to hear more from you. Please write to us and send your application to info@traderama.com.