Performance YTD 2021

All Quant Portfolios show a positive return over the year. As of the end of April, five Quant Portfolios have even managed to exceed the 10% return mark for the current year. The offensive MOUNT Portfolios are benefiting from the generally positive mood on the markets.

Top performer is currently with good 16% the MOUNT US 100 Portfolio, which trades offensively the stocks from the S&P 100 (R) Index. But also the MOUNT, ARROW and SOLID Germany 100 Portfolios are doing well. The ARROW US Tech 100 Portfolio still has to catch up.


The top performers this year
  • Top 1: MOUNT US 100
  • Top 2: MOUNT US Tech 100 / MOUNT Germany 100 
  • Top 3: ARROW US 100


Performance in April 2021

Like the ARROW US Tech 100, the MOUNT US Tech 100 was able to benefit from the general upward movement in technology stocks. The MOUNT Germany 100 also showed a good monthly performance at 4.8% against the backdrop of the sideways movement in many markets in April.

Unfortunately, the MOUNT Germany 30 system has weakened somewhat this month. However, against the backdrop of the strong performance in Q1/21, this is easy to cope with.