It's going to be exciting over the next few months. A short review of this week's events!

On the one hand, we had the ECB meeting. That was more or less a non-event. still!! The exit from the bond-buying program in the context of the pandemic will very likely occupy the central banks at the next meetings. The Bank of Canada has already raised interest rates and thus led the way. Other central banks will follow. According to rumors the topic comes with the ECB in the next meeting by the hawks on the agenda. In the US, a central banker has suggested linking the scaling back of purchases to certain vaccination targets. Next week, by the way, the FED meets again. The results will be available Wednesday evening from 8 pm CET.

A top topic was also the discussion about a doubling of the tax on capital gains from 1 million euros income in the USA. Although many things are not eaten as hot as they are cooked and there are of course many questions open, it shows the direction - probably not only in the USA. This topic still has to be processed in the market.

The accounting season is now really getting underway and companies are exceeding expectations in many cases. Both in the US but also in Europe. Next week, heavyweights like Microsoft, Apple and Amazon are on the agenda. Expectations are high but especially the question of the outlook and whether targets will be adjusted upwards.

Joe Biden's "climate summit" should not go unmentioned. He is actively pushing the issue. The proclaimed climate targets are fuelling the discussion on how to finance this transformation. Some stocks such as Nordex have already profited very well from this in the Traderama Portfolios. The Wall Street Journal has brought a good summary to this.

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