Current performance of the Quant Portfolios
(as of 01/22/2021)

MOUNT - the name says it all

MOUNT US Tech 100 is already reaching more than 5% deposit return this year and the year is just 3 weeks old. A value of 6.7% is something to be proud of. For comparison, the NASDAQ 100 (R) is currently at 5%. Coming in second and third are two other MOUNT systems. 'MOUNT is Traderama's offensive trading system. However, the other Quant Portfolios are also showing very good results.

MOUNT Germany 100 with strong outperformance

The MOUNT Germany 100 Portfolio can be seen particularly well at the moment. The HDAX (R) is currently at about +1.4% and MOUNT Germany 100 shows now already +4.7%. MOUNT Germany 100 analyzes all 100 stocks from the HDAX (R) but only takes a maximum of 10 of them into the portfolio.