Traderama Quant systems have delivered excellent results, especially against the trend in the US in September.

The smart algorithms have been very good at detecting trend reversals in many stocks and - when US tech stocks collapsed - were barely invested. It shows time and again that Portfolios need to be actively built up and reduced in order to react to market fluctuations if you want to achieve above-average returns.

While US tech indices took a decent hit in September, Quant packages extended their September performance in US tech stocks.

For September as a whole, 10 out of 12 trading systems achieved a positive return. Especially in this market environment, the defensive SOLID packages were able to achieve great profits.


Also on a yearly basis the Quant systems continue to have a great record. Among the first 5 places are 3 US packages and 2 Germany packages. Especially the MOUNT Germany 100 package shows a great performance in 2020 even if it had to accept some losses in September.