• Fresenius Medical Care is a company that is included in the DAX(R) 30 and is thus one of the 30 largest stocks in Germany. The share is actually not very volatile, as can be seen from the following chart.
  • The patterns in this chart were not interesting for the Quant systems for an interesting entry over a longer period. At the beginning of February, there was a period of weakness in the chart.
  • On February 3 at the close of trading, a buy signal with limit buy at EUR 56.4 was calculated and placed. The price was reached the following day and a tranche of FMC shares was purchased.
  • The optimal sell limit of 62.4 was reached already 9 days later.
  • That's 10% gain in 9 trading days in a very solid stock.

This trade was implemented in MOUNT Germany 100 and MOUNT Germany 30 Quant Portfolio