Market Review

At the beginning of the year, the stock market received a tailwind from the USA. The outcome of the US elections for the senatorial seats was received very positively and the inauguration of Joe Biden was also accompanied by strong price gains, particularly in the USA. The entire month of January was characterized by very low volatility until the last week of January, during which the VIX (R) index jumped by as much as 75% and recorded yearly highs of up to 37. The jump caused some investors to build hedges and take profits before the end of the month. Some benchmarks, and therefore ETFs on those benchmarks, fell sharply last week. 11 out of 12 Traderama Quant Portfolios significantly outperformed their related benchmarks.

Traderama DIY Quant Portfolio Performance January 2021

  • TOP 1: MOUNT US Tech 100: +4.6%
  • TOP 2: MOUNT Germany 100: +3.3%
  • TOP 3: MOUNT US 100: +2.4%

10 out of 12 Quant Portfolios performed positively in January. In particular, the three MOUNT systems - MOUNT US Tech 100, MOUNT Germany 100 and MOUNT US 100 - performed well in January. The offensive systems MOUNT were able to close some trades very well, which were already taken in December 2020.

Table: Quant Portfolio Performance for private traders January 2021

YTD (Year to date) comparison Quant Portfolio vs. benchmarks

11 of 12 Quant Portfolios significantly outperformed the benchmarks in January 2021.

  • TOP 1: MOUNT Germany 100: + 4.8% vs. benchmark
  • TOP 2: MOUNT US Tech 100: +4.3% vs. benchmark
  • TOP 3: ARROW Germany 100: + 3.2% vs. benchmark

While the benchmarks show a negative monthly result in January 2021 except for the NASDAQ 100(R), many Quant Portfolios have been able to impress. In particular, the SOLID Portfolios also show themselves to be very robust in January and have already generated an attractive monthly return for the fact that SOLID is a defensive Quant system.

Table: YTD performance Quant Portfolio vs. benchmark (private investors)

TOP TRADES January 2021

Some above-average good trades could be concluded. Especially the Ford Trades stands out from the multitude of good trades.

Table: TOP Trades January 2021 (Systems for private investors )


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