Preliminary note

Dear Investors and Traders,

The year 2020 has already secured a permanent place in history. In a very short time, people had to discard normal habits and learn new manners. In many normal things of life, there was a 180° turnaround that still continues today - triggered by a tiny little virus that changed the world. 2020 is a game-changing year! It has thoroughly shaken up the industry and stock market landscape worldwide.

  • Portfolios have been dramatically reshuffled.
  • Technology portfolios increased
  • Valueportfolios sold
  • Out of bonds - into equities

There was an incredible rally in U.S. technology stocks, with several factors synergizing positively:

  • High proportion of technology assets and scalable business models on the Internet
  • Depreciation of the USD index by approx. 7%
  • Conclusion of the trade deal USA - China
  • Stay-at-home and Green Growth

In addition, there are factors that have particularly ensured, and continue to ensure, that equities as a whole are gaining in value compared to other forms of investment such as bonds, and thus a flood of capital has been shifted into equities.

  • Strong economic stimulus programs worldwide (especially USA)
  • Interest rate cuts in many countries (i.b USA)
  • Expectation of the reflation trade
  • Investors accept lower dividend yield, due to falling interest rates
  • A lot of new capital through new entrants on the stock market ("Robinhood" effect)

Most importantly, in Q4 2020, a number of key "risk malpractice stones" were cleared out of the way, thereby reducing risk assessments.

  • Development and approval of the vaccine with high efficacy and start of the vaccination campaigns
  • Biden as new US president from 2021 and with it the hope for more stability and sustainability in world politics
  • Especially for Europe - the conclusion of the Brexit negotiations in the broadest sense.

Traderama in 2020

In the past year, we have completed and systematised our range of Quant systems for private investors (Quant Portfolios traded in own custody account) as well as for managed account clients (Quant systems traded in own custody account) and significantly improved the practical benefits of our systems. This has brought us a step closer to our goal of being one of the best platforms for algorithmic trading systems for private and professional investors.

  • Completion of the Quant systems for private investors and managed accounts
  • Structuring according to "offensive", "balanced" and "defensive".
  • Fixed upper limits of 5 or 10 positions for all Quant Portfolios
  • Traderama Stop Management Trigger at -5%
  • Weekly validity of sell orders in MOUNT systems
  • Everything at a glance - Online platform for all signals (Quant Portal)
  • Signal announcement via push email
  • Integration of Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas and HSBC as certificate providers
  • Direct linking of signals and derivatives
  • Direct Helpdesk Button
  • Hotline for quick answers
  • FAQ platform for general questions

We have a lot of plans for 2021 and look forward to supporting you systematically in your trading and asset management. Good luck and stay healthy!

2020 results: Quant Portfolios for private investors

To trade yourself in your own securities account

Yield 2020

Best Quant Portfolios 2020

The MOUNT US Tech 100 gave retail investors the biggest return in 2020. In total, the portfolio increased by more than 45%. But also the evenness in the profit curve is convincing and the slump in the Nasdaq 100 (R) was hardly shared.

Example: MOUNT US Tech 100 | return at 5000 USD per trade (total capital: 50,000 USD)

Constant investment of 5000 USD per trade (no retention of profits)
An investor who would have started with $50,000 at the beginning of 2020 and executed each trade at $5,000 would have made a profit of more than $20,000 by the end of 2020. The MOUNT system saved investors from the collapse, especially in the first quarter. (Note: For the return calculation the profit is retained).

More than 45% return (unleveraged) only with a maximum of 10 shares in the portfolio
The MOUNT US Tech 100 thus achieves a huge return gain in 2020. But the other systems ARROW and SOLID have also achieved great results with American stocks.

50% of all Portfolios generate more than 20% return 
The high volatility and dynamics in the American stocks could be used optimally in the Portfolios. MOUNT is an offensive trading system that profits particularly strongly in dynamic upward phases. But also the ARROW ("balanced" and SOLID ("defensive") systems have achieved a great performance, especially when trading US stocks.

US Tech Portfolios

Three of the top 4 Quant Portfolios trade US tech stocks

Only the maximum of 10 best and most interesting stocks are included in the portfolio. In order to reduce risks, we trade more frequently, take profits in good time or sell positions consistently after stop loss triggers.

US Tech 100 Portfolios show biggest gains in 2020

Number of trades 2020

More trades than in a long time in one year

Due to high volatility and momentum, the average number of trades across all Quant Portfolios was 25% above average in 2020. In the first quarter, positions had to consistently avoid risk through stop management. The strong rebound meant that profit targets in the positions were quickly reached and new trades were entered into swiftly.

Offensive investors have traded frequently with the MOUNT systems. Investors who do not want to trade so strongly and frequently use the SOLID systems and have traded less accordingly. ARROW is more or less in the middle. Every investor will find the systems that suit them at Traderama.

The offensive MOUNT Portfolios have traded particularly frequently in 2020. For example, MOUNT US Tech 100 60% has executed more trades than the average over the last 10 years.


Best return / trade ratio

The US Tech 100 Portfolios show the largest value gains per trade, which was no surprise given the volatility and momentum in stock values in 2020. All three Quant systems performed extremely well with the 100 stocks from the Nasdaq 100 (R).

The Traderama principle is to spread the capital over several positions and numerous trades over the course of a year. Thus, risks can be minimized and opportunities through market fluctuations can be optimally used compared to "buy and hold" strategies even if the market situations change.

The investors who have SOLID US Tech 100 Portfolio were able to achieve a Yield of 28% achieved. Thus in this Portfolio per trade a yield increase in the depot of almost 0.5% per trade will be achieved - by far the most efficient Quant Portfolio in 2020.

SOLID US Tech 100: Yield at 5000 USD per trade

The investors who have SOLID US Tech 100 Portfolio were able to achieve a Yield of 28% achieved. Thus in this Portfolio per trade a yield increase in the depot of almost 0.5% per trade will be achieved - by far the most efficient Quant Portfolio in 2020.

Especially more risk-oriented investors use the SOLID or ARROW system. As you can see, the SOLID US Tech 100 Portfolio was able to cushion much of the risk. Example calculation: An investor who consistently invested 5000 US-$ in each of the 64 trades (about 5 per month) could enjoy a profit of more than 12,000 US-$ at the end of the year. Only in February the system suffered a small loss.

Germany Portfolios

The winner is: MOUNT Germany 100

The MOUNT Germany 100 Portfolio is one of the most popular Portfolios among investors. It trades the top 100 stocks from Germany and takes a maximum of 10 positions in the portfolio. Investors also benefit from the clearly dynamic stocks from the MDAX(R) and TecDax(R).

The offensive MOUNT system executed a trade about 15 times a month. The average holding period of 14.5 days was significantly shorter than the average of 24 days. Overall, the system was able to achieve a Return of almost 26% achieve. Compared to the HDAX price index (R) as a benchmark, this is a significant outperformance. The latter has just closed the year 2020 with a plus of approx. 0.3%. This also makes the MOUNT Germany 100 the best system compared to a benchmark.

The advantage of Germany Portfolios for many investors with EUR accounts is that there are no currency risks. Also, the trading of the shares is possible via many brokers extremely cheap to free of charge.

MOUNT Germany 100 achieves 25% return in 2020 with a fabulous sustainability. The 3-year and 5-year returns are also convincing.

Investors, with smaller depots starting from 15,000 euro use the Germany 30 Portfolios, since there maximally 5 positions are taken up. The balanced system is convincing here ARROW Germany 30 with a return of 9.1%. This required only about 10 trades per month.

Exemplary development of the Portfolios MOUNT Germany 100 with a constant amount of 5,000 euros per trade (profits are always taken). The higher volatility of the profit development can be clearly seen, but also that the Portfolio has already reached the level of the beginning of the year again in May 2020. Also the small dip at the end of October was more than compensated in November and December. Result: More than 14,000 euros profit from the system

Maximum transparency with Traderama

So that you can follow the performance development, we publish for all Quant Portfolio every single trade on Portfolio pages of the systems. Furthermore, you will receive even more evaluations such as occupancy rate, holding period, probabilities for investment ratios, etc. there. (Important: In the case of return calculations, we retain the profits, while in the case of example calculations based on dollars or euros, we keep the capital investment constant).

QUANT SYSTEMS for private investors

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How will the markets develop in 2021?

Hardly a day goes by when we at Traderama are not asked about the future of the stock markets. And we always give the same answer. No one can predict it. No one could have predicted the Corona Crash in 2020 and just as few could have predicted the incredibly fast countermovement in the markets. Professional wealth management consists of examining the stock markets every day for opportunities / risks and adjusting one's portfolio situationally. Who does this with an effort of 5 minutes per day according to the system, has a great opportunity to be significantly better than many funds and investors worldwide and to get a nice return in the Portfolio.

You want to actively manage your portfolio yourself and are looking for the right system. Take a look at our pages "Quant Portfolios for private investors". From approx. 15,000 euros you can trade the Germany 30 Portfolios unleveraged. For the Germany 100 Portfolios we recommend a min. capital of 25.000 Euro.

Systems for private investors

You want to use the Quant Portfolios in your own portfolio but do not want to implement the trades yourself because you do not have the time. Then let an asset manager manage your portfolio based on the Quant systems. You choose the system(s) you want to have traded and the manager implements the signals on your behalf (from 100,000 Euro deposit).

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