MOUNT Portfolios clearly ahead compared to benchmarks

General: The last trading week brought a little more movement back into the stock market. Technology stocks in particular were sold off more strongly in recent days after new all-time highs were reached in February for many important indices. This was triggered by rising yields in the bond markets - especially in the US. At times, the yield on US 10-year bonds rose to over 1.5%. It is mainly the rapid rise in yields that has led to profit taking in equities. However, the VIX(R) index, which many investors look at, did not rise more significantly until February 25, reaching levels of 28 and above. However, one cannot speak of panic at these levels but one should become more cautious. If the VIX(R) were to rise sharply and reach values significantly >30 and more, this would most likely result in further hedging on the part of large investors. Against this background, the next weeks and months will be exciting.

Quant Portfolios: With the Quants, investments are rule-based and share portfolios are actively managed. In this way, compared to an investment in a broad index (e.g. via ETF), a significantly better performance is to be achieved. Return / Risk Ratio can be achieved. (See also Performance Ratios of Quant Portfolios)

February 2021 performance (including open positions).

February delivers an average good performance of the systems. Some Portfolios even improve the performance further.

  • TOP 1: MOUNT Germany 30 is the return winner in February with + 3.1%
  • TOP 2: MOUNT US Tech 100 with + 2%
  • TOP 3: SOLID US Tech 100 with + 2%
  • TOP 4: ARROW Germany 100 with + 1.9%

All Quant Portfolios for Self Traders

Current result:

  • 9 of 12 Quant Portfolios show positive performance YTD
  • 8 of 12 Quant Portfolios beat benchmark by more than 1% YTD
  • 1 Quant Portfolio is YTD at benchmark level
  • 3 Quant Portfolios are below benchmark YTD
  • YTD | Best Performance: MOUNT US Tech 100 with +6.7% 
  • YTD | Best outperformance versus benchmark: MOUNT US Tech 100 at +6.54%