In recent weeks, we have worked intensively on the further development of the performance indicators and the graphical representation. The result is a new, clear Traderama Performance Cockpit, which shows both the performance of the Quant Portfolios in cross-comparison and evaluates each Quant Portfolio individually.


In terms of content, further important key figures such as Alpha and Beta (two important Portfolio ratios from CAPM theory). Globally, Portfolios and funds are valued using these metrics. If you decide on a Quant Portfolio and trade this, then you should be informed about the most important ratios for this.

IMPORTANT: The decision for a Quant Portfolio is not only a question of RETURN, but also a question of RISK. If one chooses a SOLID system (defensive), then one accepts a lower return because one wants a lower risk. Conversely, if you book the MOUNT system (offensive), more return is matched by more volatility (risk). But the ratios tell you how return relates to risk. Most importantly, all Quant Portfolios show a significantly better return / risk valuation compared to an investment in an ETF on the corresponding benchmark index.

We hope you like the new Performance Cockpit and we would be happy to receive your feedback.