Traderama Quant Screener

Computer-based screener for points of purchase and sale for all 50
stocks in the Eurostoxx 50 ® as well as all 30 stocks from the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index®.

The Quant Sentimentor is a sentiment index calculated on the basis of algorithms. It is calculated per stock index or as a total index and oscillates between the maximum values +10 (overbought) and -10 (oversold). These marginal ranges are particularly interesting for investors. Numerous countries and indices are analyzed.

The QS chart is a color-coded chart of the corresponding stock. Each color corresponds to a market phase in which the share is located.
Color code:

  • Dark green = Upward trend
  • Light green = Upward consolidating
  • Orange = Downward consolidating
  • Red = Downward trending

Positions are always bought or sold when the color changes. A corresponding signal appears under QA Signals. For buy signals, the stop of a position is always at the low of the previous phase.

QS Buy Signals:

  • Long = "buy signal"
  • Re-Long = "Hold position, possibly add another tranche and tighten stop".
  • Strong Long = "strong buy signal".
  • Stabilize = "Put share on watchlist or buy first tranche

QS Sell Signals:

  • Short = "Sell" signal
  • Re-Short = "Downward trend is resumed from consolidation phase".
  • Strong Short = "Strong Sell Signal"
  • Pullback = "Upward trend weakens and share consolidates. Sell a tranche if necessary".