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    • Traderama provides investors and traders with Complete computerized trading systems and Portfolios available for self-trading.
    • Investors have access to 12 equity-based Quant Portfolios and 1 index-based Quant system (Proton).
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    • You can find out more about our Quant Portfolios at the OVERVIEW PAGE and to the performance here PERFORMANCE CHART

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Quant Portfolios are computer-based trading systems on shares. It is traded only in the long direction. In other words, there is no short selling. The MOUNT, ARROW or SOLID algorithm analyzes and evaluates stocks for upside potential and calculates optimal buy and sell points. All three Quant systems are offered with four different stock packages. For more information, please visit the MOUNT, ARROW and SOLID detail page and the Quant Portfolios overview page.

Traderama is designed to allow all investors to manage their own portfolio in a simple but professional way. Investors book a subscription to one or more Quant Portfolios and daily updates (buy and sell orders) to adjust their own portfolio according to the algorithms.

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