Status: 23.04.2021

Only 8! trades so far this year and realized more than 2500 DAX (R) points.
The DAX(R) realized just 1556 points in the comparable period.

With Proton you simply trade the DAX (R) Index. It is a swing trading system that systematically trades the DAX (R) Index according to intelligent pattern analysis. The signals are implemented either with CFDs, leverage products or FDAX Future contracts (Normal Future, Mini or Micro).


Example: Implementation of the Proton signals with 3 CFD on the DAX

If the Proton signals had simply been implemented via CFDs - 3 CFD per signal - this year would already have seen a total of approx. 7500 Euro profit have been realized.

Each user can decide independently what amount should be used per trade.

Great customer feedback:

When the last trade was closed at the beginning of April 2021, we received a great email from a user, which we may also publish. We are happy that the investor was able to make a great profit.