PROTON has done it again.

A new ALL-TIME-HIGH in the PROTON system.

The two trades, which we entered into at the end of September, was realised by PROTON 5 days later.

  1. We went long at 12768 on September 29 and sold again at 12914 on October 6. That was a whole 145 points Profit in the DAX(R) for a 5-day holding period.
  2. Even better the trade on 30 September. Entry 12721 and exit on 7.10 at 12901. That's 180 points profit

That means, with 2 trades already again beautiful profits of altogether more than 300 points in the DAX(R) and a new ALL TIME HIGH IN THE PROTON!!!


For information: Trades can be executed with warrants, turbos, CFDs or futures on the DAX (R).