Yes, and quite relaxed. It took the PROTON 18 trades to do that this year.

While the DAX (R) this year is still in the red (as of the end of August 2020), the Proton System has already overtaken the DAX. In total, the Proton System has already generated more than 2000 DAX(R) points this year. The system has only 18 TRADES for this, of which:


needed and generate more than 2000 DAX(R) points.

On average, a profit of 127 DAX (R) points was achieved per trade.

Example calculation: With a deposit of 20,000 EURO one could have used 3 CFD per trade and would then have already earned more than 6,000 Euros this year. This would be a deposit return of more than 20%. Alternatively, you can also use leverage products or the DAX Future.

However, it is impressive how little time is required for the PROTON system. Only 18 trades were executed this year and the holding period of the trades was approx. 5 days.

This clearly shows that it is worthwhile to pay attention to computer-based signals and to act emotionless and rule-based in the market without being irritated by opinions, movements and everything around the market.