We offer 3 Quant systems with 2 different Germany stock packages. So in total 6 different packages from offensive to defensive.


Which one is right for you?

Why don't you find out for yourself? Until 31 August TRADERAMA offers the


You can FREE all 6 Germany packages:

  • MOUNT Germany 30
  • MOUNT Germany 100
  • ARROW Germany 30
  • ARROW Germany 100
  • SOLID Germany 30
  • SOLID Germany 100

Test for 30 days, follow the signals, track the trades, etc.

And if you like a Quant package, we will be happy if you continue to have success with it and you become a Traderama Member in that package.

Your Traderama Team

ps: The free access expires automatically, no means of payment must be deposited and can also be booked only 1x.