Based on our TIM Algo, we have developed a sentiment indicator for numerous markets

Description of the AlgoSentimentor

The AlgoSentimentor is a sentiment indicator developed by Dr. Geke & Analysts. Here, 586 blue chip companies are analyzed by our TIM Algo and a sentiment indicator is calculated from it.

Negative values show a negative market sentiment, positive values show a positive market. Each index can be analyzed individually. The index can take extreme values from -10 to + 10.

The AlgoSentimentor is used for the assessment of individual markets and for cross-comparison.

You can query each market individually and compare markets. Among other things, the following markets are available:


  • Germany: United Kingdom 30
  • USA: US 30
  • USA: US 100
  • USA: US Tech 100
  • Austria 20
  • Switzerland: Swiss 20
  • France: France 40
  • Belgium: Bel 20
  • Netherlands: Ned 25
  • United Kingdom: UK 100
  • Greek: Greece 60
  • Portugal: Portugal 20
  • Spain: Spain 35
  • Italy: Italia 40

Current aggregated AlgoSentiment 

Compare 15 stock markets based on the last two AlgoSentimentor values

Analyze the development of the AlgoSentiment over time per stock market